Everything you find on our menu has been
prepared from scratch using really
excellent ingredients. We consider
ourselves part of the Swedish cooking
tradition. In addition to good food at
decent prices, we’re delighted to be able to
offer our guests a pleasant, classic setting
in which to relax and spend time together.


Culinary craftsmanship is important to us.
We cook according to the seasons and
never compromise on ingredients, which
are preferably organic and locally sourced.
Afterall, the closer we are to where the
produce was harvested, the better it tends to taste.

Order your bread and pastries here!

If you want to be sure that your favourite loaf isn’t out of stock when you arrive at our bakery, you can order it here. It’s also wise to order cakes, pastries and other baked items in advance — especially if you’re planning a party. If you prefer to call us, that’s fine, too! We only ask that you do so ahead of time. We’d be grateful if you placed your order at least 2 days in advance of the date you require it.



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